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Competition Rules

1. The tournament will be played under the laws of the game of Rugby Football as framed by the International Rugby Football Board, subject to amendments below.

2. Team managers shall register their team(s) with the Tournament Committee at least 20 minutes before the start of their first match. A maximum of 12 players may be registered. All players must be bona fide playing members of a rugby club.

3. All players participating in the Qualifying League Clubs competition or Ladies competition must be a registered player with the Club that they are playing for at the time of the competition.

4. Teams may nominate no more than 5 replacements/substitutes and each team must have no more than 7 players on the playing area. A team may replace up to 3 players per match subject to the referee being informed. These replacement players must come from their registered team list. If a player is substituted, that player must not return in that match even to replace an injured player. (Exception: a substituted player may replace a player with a bleeding or open wound). A player having registered and having played for a team may not play for another team under any circumstance.

5. If at the end of the Group/League matches, 2 or more teams have earned the same number of points, the winner will be decided by the following criteria, in order:

  • (a) The team with the largest positive difference between points scored and points conceded
  • (b) The team that has scored the greatest number of tries
  • (c) The team that has scored the greatest number of converted tries
  • (d) Red and Yellow Cards
  • (e) The toss of a coin


6. When there is a draw in a knock-out match and extra time is required the extra time will be played until a winner is determined. Extra time will be played in periods of 5 minutes with no interval. Any subsequent kick-offs will alternate between the two sides. The team that scores points first in extra time wins the match. Before extra time the referee organises a toss, one of the captains tosses and the other calls to see who wins the toss. The winner of the toss decides whether to kick off or choose an end. If the winner of the toss decides to choose an end the opponents must kick off and vice versa. Any subsequent kick-offs will alternate between the two sides.

7. The duration of matches, other than the final, will be 7 minutes each half with a one minute interval. The duration of the main final in each group will be 10 minutes each half with a one minute interval. In the event of there not being the same number of teams in each pool group an adjustment may be made to the duration of some games, by the organisers, in the interest of making the tournament as fair as possible.

8. Other than players and the referee, only medically trained persons may enter the playing area.

9. Each team must supply a touch judge for each of their preliminary matches. In the final touch judges will be referees appointed to assist the match official.

10. A player who receives a yellow card will be suspended from the field of play for three minutes. A player who receives a red card will not be permitted to take any further part in the tournament. The referee may submit a written report to the Organising Committee for possible transmission to the appropriate authorities.

11. The Rules of the Tournament, including their interpretation, are matters solely for the Tournament Organising Committee.
Ref Rule 2

  • There will be no place kicks for either penalties or conversions
  • Following a score, the team that scores will restart the match.
  • A kick off that does not reach the 10 metre line, or goes directly into touch will give the receiving team a free kick from the centre of the half way line.
  • Conversions must be taken from the in goal area.
  • The kicker must take the kick within 40 seconds of a try being scored.
  • The kick is disallowed if the kicker does not take the kick in the time allowed. If a penalty is awarded and the kicker indicates to the referee their intention to kick at goal, the kick must be taken within in 30 seconds. If the 30 seconds is exceeded, a scrum is awarded at the mark and opponents throw in the ball.

Tournament rules revised April 2014